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We're proud of our expertise. In fact, Jamie has compiled extensive degrees in wine making, wine tasting, spirit distillation, and microbrew production:

  • Boston Univ. Elizabeth Bishop Wine Sch. Graduate
  • C.W.S. Certified Wine Specialist
  • WSET Certified Specialist
  • N.A.S.A. Master of Italian Wine
  • Sommelier (C.M.S.)
  • Cicerone Beer Certified Specialist

He's also traveled the world to seek out the premium brands and producers, and he's shared that knowledge with the Jamie's Fine Wine & Spirits team. Come explore the world with us, one bottle at a time.

Our Passion

Our Expertise

We believe in offering the finest and largest selection of wine, spirits, and microbrews, anywhere. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience. Whether you're selecting a superb vintage to pair with dinner, choosing a gift, or planning a festive occasion, our primary focus is to assist in bringing you the perfect libation. 


Three stores.  Every beer, wine & spirit in MA.

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